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Who is the Mightest Pirate of All?

Now that you are one of us, an elite Marshfield Pirate, it is time for you to immerse yourself in some of the rich history of this landmark institution and see if you can discover, “Who is the Greatest Pirate of all?”                                                                                                                                              



You will work in teams of 3-4.  You can pick your teammates, or we can assign you to one.  



You will need to create a name for your “Band of Pirates.” Decide what you want to call yourself and create a Google Folder with the name of your team. 



Decide who is best at recording information and have that person record the movements of your team on an on-line Log.  Create a Folder in a Google account.  Be sure to give commenting rights to all of the members of your team so they can comment on the documents in the folder as history is being made.  Give viewing rights to the documents to all the members of the other teams and to your MHS librarian.  That way each team benefits from the clues the others gather.  No Pirate is beyond subterfuge, so feel free to create phony documents within you Google accounts to deter the opposing teams.



No treasure hunt is complete without a Treasure Map.  So your team is to create one.   Decide who on your team is best at design and put that person in charge of the map.

When you begin your quest, start plotting your steps on a map.  Key landmarks should be indicated on the map.  Since much of your research will take place on a computer (and that could be anyplace) signify significant searches that provided key clues, as an icon that represents the MHS library where two of our labs are located.



Your team will be given 2 weeks, (10 days) to gather facts and come up with your answer. At the end of two weeks, your team will meet in the library to share the results of the quest to unveil “Who is the Greatest Pirate of all?”



No Treasure Hunt is worth undertaking without a Bounty.  So your Bounty is a $20 certificate for the winning team which can be redeemed at The Treasure Island Café. 

                                     Love at Egypt                                                                                                                        Treble Clef                                                                Text Message

Clue 1: 

The Historic

Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery-–

A Geocache quest                            



Clue 2:                                            

“It was a Dark &

Stormy Night

Looking for the

tombstone of “Old Gus”                   


Clue 3:

“Mighty, Mighty Pirates”               





Clue 4: 

Nothing Counts,

Everything Counts,

The Little Things Count,

Who else Counts?                       

Clue 5:   

The Oregon Collection                 





                                                                   gold Coin   witch                                                                    Tattoo                                                               Skyler                                                             555                                                     

Clue 6: 

What the database

can teach


Clue 7:

Examining the MARC

record to obtain information



Clue 8:

Tattoos and other Art



 Clue 9: 

Video with clues



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