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On Line Research Databases 
logo GALE RESEARCH – Thousands of magazine articles, academic journals, newspapers, books and multimedia. Click here to learn how to navigate Gale databases.
USHISTORY U.S. HISTORY IN CONTEXT – Outstanding primary and secondary history sources combined with the media-rich selections. Seleccione el idioma que usted quiere realizar su búsqueda. (Select the language you want to conduct your search.) Click here to learn how to navigate U.S History in Context.
OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS 100’s of current debate and research topics. Click here to learn how to navigate Opposing Viewpoints
GLOBAL ISSUES IN CONTEXT – Issues of international importance and current world news related to these issues. Seleccione el idioma que usted quiere realizar su búsqueda. (Select the language you want to conduct your search.) Click here to learn how to navigate Global Issues in Context.
LITERATURE RESOURCE CENTER – Comprehensive information on authors.  Critical, biographical, and contextual materials to help the researching seeking information about author’s and their work.   Click here to learn how to navigate Literature Resource Center.
   SCIENCE IN CONTEXT – Hundreds  of Contextual Information sources related to:  science, space, technology and mathematics. Click here to learn how to navigate Science in Context
 Business insights2  BUSINESS INSIGHTS: GLOBAL – Business Essentials has been updated to Business Insights: Global to include an international perspective.   Sophisticated research tools along with access to a range of comprehensive learning materials are part of the database.  Included are case studies, statistical data sources, news articles, academic journals and topical reference materials organized by country, company and industry.
 GREENR – An electronic resource offering authoritative reference content in the area of the environment, energy and natural resources.  Click here to learn how to navigate GREENR
NatGeo NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FOR KIDS – Aimed at the K-8 audience, this site offers access to the National Geographic Magazine going back to 2009.  Also included are downloadable images and 200 National Geographic Kids books.
InfoTrac Newsstand – An innovative Web-based full-text newspaper database which allows users to search articles instantly by title, headline, date, newspaper section or other assigned field
GALE VIRTUAL REFERENCE LIBRARY – Access to 36 eReference books, ranging in topics from: math & sciences – to philosophy – to history & contemporary issues – to witchcraft & religion.  Click here for some quick tips on how to conduct a search.
 MLA MLA INTERNATIONAL BIBLIOGRAPHY – 30 day Trial ends June 03, 2016.   Modern Language Association (MLA) International Bibliography provides searchable access to bibliographic citations to journal articles, books, dissertations, and scholarly Web sites. It indexes materials from 1926 to the present. Coverage includes literature from all over the world.  
image NOVELIST– Database to assist in selecting a book. A wealth of information at your fingertips along with teaching aids book club discussion topics and a lot more. Click here to learn how to navigate the database that helps you find books in a series, plus other options.
 ConsumerRpt2 Consumer Reports– Reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services based on reporting and results from  in-house testing laboratory  STUDENTS: get a copy of the user name and password from your librarian or teacher in order to open link.


Information For Students
OSLIS 2 OSLIS Citation Maker Electronically create Citations using either MLA or APA style 
image Oregon Blue Book on Line -The Oregon Blue Book is the official state directory and fact book about all levels of government in Oregon… and much more. Published since 1911, it is produced and updated by the Oregon State Archives, a division of the Secretary of State’s Office
image White House –History of the Presidents, First ladies, and Oval office. Also included information about the Legislative Branch, The Judicial Branch, the Executive Branch including both the Administration & Cabinet.
state oregon Oregon Government – Official site for Oregon state government. The site is designed to provide an easier way to find what you need from Oregon state government. Includes a weekly feature story with a link to the full article.
Coos County Government Answer to all kinds of questions regarding county government services: how to vote; how to get a restraining order; County Parks & Fees; animal control, job opportunities.
NewsPaprs2 Newspapers from the 1700’s-2000’s.  Access over 3,300 newspapers from all across the United States.  These primary source documents provide access to news as it was reported at the time.  Millions of pages are added every month.
FOLD 3 Fold3 – Ancestory  This site allows users to browse U.S. Military records by war.  Documents include:  Registration records; Service records; Pensions;Photos; and, More. There is no end to what you might find about your ancestors;
Primary Sources – Kathleen Shrock.  Kathy Shrock’s “Guide to Everything” includes a list of internet links to primary sources.  Connect to standard sites such as:  Library of Congress; National Archives; or National Park Service. Primary sources listed by discipline as well as links to Super Sites can also be located from her page.
 Finding Dulcinea is a place to look for Social Studies primary sources.  A wealth of information for teachers and  students of History, Government, Civics, Economics and  Psychology are available from this site.
Citing Primary Sources  Correctly cite your primary sources using MLA (or Chicago) style.  This link to Library of Congress provides step-by-step directions on how to cite a multitude of primary sources along with examples.
Primary Sources Analysis Tools.  Thinking about Primary Sources or Primary Source Analysis Tool are graphic organizers to help students record observations when viewing primary sources.  Particularily good when viewing photos.
Thinking Historically with Primary Sources.  PDF gives a quick overview about what it means to Think Historically (based on article by Thomas Andrews & Flannery Burke) and how using primary sources are part of that process. Thinking Historically Response Sheet
   Collection of Primary Source Photos.  Children Laborers  Coos Bay Maritime Collection. American Revolution

Dial inMarshfield High School Tutoring Program

Dial-it-in is a student peer-to-peer program where students help students to achieve success.  By clicking on the Dial-it in link, you can access a quick training tutorial. By clicking on Packet Information you can obtain a PDF of information regarding the program.
image Landmark Citation Maker – Create Citation electronically using either MLA, APA, TURABIAN or CHICAGO .
image POTUS – Presidents of the United States. Contains background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest
image The World newspaper on-line. Our local newspaper which covers events in and around Coos & Curry Counties including local High School sports.
Marshfield Times newspaper on-line.  Campus newspaper. Fourth in the nation BEST OF SHOW for newspapers. 
image The Oregonian Newspaper on line.
covered_wagon MHS Oregon Collection
List of Magazines in Library





Oregon Battle of the Books  

8-6 Division  Titles 2016-17 9-12 Division Titles:  2016-2017

Sponsored by

Oregon Association of School Libraries

Other Information



Teacher Pages
English Paperback Room – Updated June 2014 MHS/Video DVD Permission Slip  DVD/Video Collection 2014-15
MHS Library Services ppt How to Access Library Passes   R.A.D.A.R.
 OASL ARGCLUE 8:  KAHOOT!   (Link to KAHOOT & Clue 9) Have your Smart Phone handy.  You’ll need it to play!!!! Library Lab Rules M.H.S. Alternate Reality Game


 Oregon School Library (OSLIB)Standards


Grade Band Current Lexile Band  “Stretch” Lexile Band
2-3 450L–725L 450L–790L
4-5  645L–845L 770L–980L
6-8 860L–1010L 955L–1155L
9-10 960L–1115L 1080L–1305L
11-CCR 1070L–1220L 1215L–1355L


 The CCSS offer overlapping Lexile bands (or Lexile ranges) to place texts in text complexity grade bands. Qualitative scales of text complexity should be anchored at one end by descriptions of representative texts required in typical first-year credit-bearing college courses and in workforce training programs. Similarly, quantitative measures should identify the college- and career-ready reading level as one endpoint of the scale.

 Take a look at

Oregon School Library Standards

Unpacking Information Literacy

OSLIB Standards:  Crosswalk to Common Core ANCHOR STANDARDS 

Take a look at

Oregon School Library Standards

Unpacking Reading Engagement


Take a look at

Oregon School Library Standards

Unpacking Social Responsibility

OSLIB Standards:  Crosswalk to Common Core GRADE LEVEL Standards  

Take a look at

Oregon School Library Standards

Unpacking Technology Integration


Coos Bay Schools Library Standards Grade K   Coos Bay Schools Library Standards Grade 4
Coos Bay Schools Library Standards Grade 1   Coos Bay Schools Library Standards Grade 5
 Coos Bay Schools Library Standards Grade 2    Coos Bay Schools Library Standards Grade 6
 Coos Bay Schools Library Standards Grade 3    Coos Bay Schools Library Standards Grade7
Coos Bay Schools Library Standards Grade 8 CBD9 Library Standards Grades 9-10 CBD9 Library Standards Grades 11-12
 Common Core State Standards – English Language Arts


“How To” & Other Information

 8 Areas Research Rubric


 8 Areas Research Template Creating Citations to Avoid Plagiarism
How To Evaluate Web Sites How To Use Landmark’s Citation Machine How to Use Consumer Reports 
Basic Principles of MLA Style

Learning Express Library         

How To: Info & Tips Version 2.0

 A.C.T. College Prep Module – Learning Express Library “How To”


S.A.T. College Prep Module – Learning Express Library – “How To”

 A.V.A.B. / A.F.Q.T. – Learning Express Library – “How To” 
  Learning Library Express.  “How To” Set Up an Account  



   PEO star Presentation: NOT YOUR MOTHER’S LIBRARY  







Enter to Win

The library holds monthly Independent Reading contests. Prizes are awarded. 

 Contest Rules at Circ Desk October – Horror November– Adventure
December – Any January – Biography February – Romance
March – Women in History April – Social Problems L. Coplen – Dec WINNER!!!


Electronic Resources – History & Geography
imageMaps of the World imageOutline Maps imageEnchanted Learning
imageWorld Geography Org imageShambles imageUniversity of Texas
imageWorld Atlas & World Maps Twitter. to follow what’s happening in the library. Keep up on the latest information, dates to remember, topics to consider, titles of interest. Pinterst.  See what’s happening with our book collections


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