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We provide a warm, inviting, and stimulating environment where patrons feel welcomed, respected, and committed to becoming an active participant in an informationally rich, and literature enriched, life-long journey.
 Peggy Christensen  
 Mrs. Christensen, Teacher Librarian Mrs. Slyter Media Clerk 
Two people serve the needs of approximately 65 staff and 700 students. Mrs. Christensen is the certified head librarian and Mrs. Slyter is the library clerk in charge of cataloging. A classroom-sized computer lab is adjacent to the library. Information literacy skills are taught in both the library and the lab. These skills include: library research, strategies for selecting and evaluating reading material, use of databases, use of the Internet, and how to evaluate Web sites.
Seven buildings make up Marshfield High School and Harding Learning Center campuses. The high school and Harding Learning Center border each other and have students who share the facilities. All the school in the Harding Learning Center occupy one space. (The Harding Learning Center houses: Destinations Charter School; CE2; the Teen Parent Program; and, the On-line School.)
The majority of the students in these programs use the MHS library. Those who attend the Bob Belloni School use our textbooks since they are also considered Marshfield students. The campuses, including athletic field, take up approximately one city block. The main building houses the library and the humanities. Specialty classes are also in the main. Pirate Hall houses the math and sciences as well as the health classes. Pirate Hall is the newest building on the campus. There are two gymnasiums for students; one is the Main Gym and the other is the West Gym. There are three separate buildings for: the KMHS radio broadcasting station; the Madrala theater players; and the MHS shop classes.

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