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Marshfield High School Auditorium

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General Information

lobby2The Marshfield High School auditorium seats 1,100. This venue is the largest in the Coos Bay- North Bend area and west of the I-5 Interstate corridor cities.

The auditorium is run by an Auditorium Director and is crewed exclusively by Marshfield students and alumi.  

There is one large dressing room directly behind the stage equipped with full length mirrors, 8 make up stations with lights and mirrors, 2 sinks with hot water, 2 toilets, and no showers. One small private “directors dressing room” is nearby. An adjacent choir classroom is available as a second large dressing room. Both rooms have privacy blinds. The loading site is located at the rear of the stage through the end of the dressing room. The load in is the same level as the stage with a gentle outside ramp through a single 40″ door. The stage is a direct 40′ distance from a truck tailgate. An additional loading entrance is located at the front of the stage through double width doors and nine steps up from the street level. The stage is an additional 3′ requiring a manual lift to stage level. The user must provide a ramp and hand trucks for this entrance.

lobby1No food or drink may be sold or consumed in the auditorium. Performers and crew may have food and drinks in the dressing room and water on stage as needed. Smoking and alcohol are not permitted in any area inside or outside on school property. Smoking is permitted on the public street outside the dressing room entrance.

Stage Dimensions

lobby3The stage has a proscenium with a deep apron. The maximum opening is 40 feet with a 38′ total depth. The thrust is 17 feet in front of the main curtain. Stage from the main curtain upstage to the rear drape is 17 feet. The crossover behind the upstage traveler is 4 feet. The audience seating begins 3 feet in front of the stage. There is no orchestra pit. The stage wings are small and somewhat congested.

Stage Rigging

The rigging used are mechanical sandbag counterweights and rope from an elevated fly. (No loft)

The main curtain is dark purple with black legs, mid traveler, borders, and rear traveler. A white cyclorama is located directly behind the black rear traveler. Spare counter weighted battens are available.


The stage floor is hardwood stained, unfinished, and in good condition with no splinters or ruptures. It is very suitable for all types of dance performances.


The control board is located in a booth at the rear of the house. The controller is a Strand 48 channel dimmer system connecting to 72 circuits in the house. Each circuit holds 2.4kw. Circuits connectors are twist lock plugs. Six patch cords of male twist lock to female common are available for instruments or special effects. Stage lighting consists of three border strips (red, blue, amber) supplemented with multiple 1KW  8″ fresnel area lights. Anteprocenium lighting is provided by 30 1KW  10″ Strand lekos and 24 750W  6″ Source Four lekos located in ceiling coves, side wall coves and balcony ceiling. An assortment of 500W  6″ & 1KW  8″ fresnels and 750W  6″ lekos are available for specials. Pattern holders are available.

Any special show lighting requirements may be required to be restored at the close of the performance the same evening. Special lighting requirements must be discussed on the phone prior to arrival. Washes in white, red, amber and blue are typically available. Follow spots are 1 Lycian Midget (very bright), and 2 Altman Comet from a rear of balcony position.

Road Show Power

Two road show connections of 220 volt 200 amps and 220 volts 300amps with both being single phase with lug bolts are available stage left. Several isolated 120 volt, 20 amp circuits are available stage left near the main curtain.

Sound System

Sound control is from a booth at the rear of the balcony of the house. The sound system is a “state of the art” installed in 2002 professional system. The mixer is a Soundcraft Spirit 4 x 24 channels, with a Nakamichi cassette deck and two Marantz CD players/ recorders available. The speakers are ceiling mounted JBL VS3215-6 Venue Series with JBL MS112 front fill and balcony fills with a DBX processor and time delays. Two monitor mixes are available with four Yamaha SM1121V on stage monitors. Five Crown Amps power the system. Microphones available are 8 Sure SM57, 8 Sure SM 58, 2 Audio Technica AT853, 1 Sony lapel, 1lapel and 1 hand held wireless Telex, 3 lapel and 2 hand held wireless Sennheiser and 2 Countryman directional ISOMAX EarSet microphone. Microphone lines run to the stage apron with 16 SR, 8 center, 13 SL. Monitors are run from SL & SR apron positions. Most performers consider the house a “live hall”. Strong vocal singers generally do not need sound reinforcement. Vocals with instrumental accompaniment generally use sound reinforcement from either the house system or a sound contractor.

Projection System

The projection system has a 14’(horizontal) motor controlled screen dropping down 3’ behind the main curtain to about 2’ above the stage floor. The projector is a high quality professional venue series Hitachi CP-WX 11000 capable of 1366 horizontal X 800 vertical with zoom capability and is mounted in the balcony. The projector inputs will accept any source from a computer from the stage apron stage right or stage left or an S-video or coax from the stage apron. A computer located on stage can access wireless or a network connections to access the internet. The control booth has a Denon 1611 UDP Blue Ray DVD player with HDMI input to the projector. The projector will accept  inputs of DVI-D, VGA, RS-232, video (RCA), S-video, and component from the balcony control booth. All sound is routed through the house system with monitors available on stage. An additional portable projector is available.


Stage communications is by a Telex Audiocom System with headset stations located on stage left, stage right, the balcony control booth, and the two balcony follow spot positions.


1.   A 5 piece acoustical shell is available.

2.  Four 4’x8’ platform risers 12” high, typically using 2 together as a drum riser are available.

3.   8 sections of three step choral riser are available.

4.   A large speaker podium with microphone and light is available.

5.   A 14′ (horizontal) projection screen hangs 3′ behind the main curtain. Accompanying video/ data projector, slide projector, and overhead projector are available with prior arrangement.

6.  Special effects available: pattern holders, strobe, smoke machine, 5 UV lights

7.  Folding chairs, straight back wood chairs, stools, music stands, tables,

8.  Lobby tables for merchandise display tables – no commission to the house. (No food or drink sales permitted)

9. Steinway piano (concert quality)

Rental Contract

A separate rental rate page and rental contract are available upon request. Evidence of liability insurance is required. Rate Card

Contact – for technical information, stage arrangements, and availability

William Paget,           Auditorium Manager:              (541) 267-1405 ext. 2301  Email:        

Recommended Motels

Edgewater Inn – 275 E Johnson (541) 2670423 – very close (8 short blocks to venue), top quality, pool, no restaurant, adjacent Safeway and Fred Meyer grocery stores with deli

Lucky Logger RV Park – 250 E Johnson (800) 267-6426 very close, motor homes only, top quality, laundry, no restaurant, adjacent Safeway and Fred Meyer grocery stores with deli

Best Western Holiday Motel – 411 N Bayshore Dr (800) 228-8655, 1.5 miles, standard quality, pool, some kitchens, laundry, adjacent 24 hr restaurant, walking distance to everything in town and other restaurants.

Red Lion Motel – 1313 N Bayshore Drive (800) 733-5466; about 2.5 miles, restaurant on site, large parking lot for bus or truck, top quality

Other motels are available within 1-3 miles – ask the House Manager for a comprehensive list.

Photo Archive – construction 1939


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