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Marshfield High School


Travis Greg Mulkey Elias
Travis Howard
Greg Mulkey
 Assistant Principal

Eli Ashton
Assistant Principal


DEPT. Staff Subject Email Room Website
Electives Jesse Ainsworth Construction Wood Shop  
  Glen Crook Manufacturing M 41  
  Fred Hunt Technology M 143  
  Cameron Jerde Band M 140  
  Drew Jones Radio/Media Radio Station  
  Doug Miles Health Care PH 408  
  William Paget Choir/Theatre M 111  
  Jeff Jacobson Art M 42  
  Rick Cooper EMT   M 120  
  Tina Powers Culianary   M 120  
English Alexa Clausen English 9/12 M 210  
  Karin Hinrichs CP English 9 M 146  
  Stephani Howe English 10 M 152  
  Kevin Black English 11/Coll.Lit. M 242  
  Marcia Warren 8th Gr. Lang. Arts PH 403  
  Luke Parrish English 8/10 M 240  
  Josh Scheirman English 12 M 247  
  Catherine Hampton Library Library  
Foreign Lang. Floyd Montiel Spanish M 222  
  Mark Lorincz Spanish M 212  
Math Tanya Goodson 8th Gr. Math PH 612  
  Andrew Giniger Integ. Math 1A PH 611  
  Kevin Guthrie Integ. Math 3 PH 600  
  Tammie Montiel Calc/Trig/8 Integ 1 PH 609  
  Kayla Roberts Integ. Math 2 PH 608  
  Joe Walker Applied/Financial Alg. PH 610  
Phys. Ed/Health Doug Fendall HS PE/Health PH 510/Gym  
  Linda George 8th PE West Gym  
  Brad McKechnie HS PE Main Gym  
  Brooke Toy HS PE/Health PH 500/W Gym  
Science Kevin Cellura Biology/Chemistry PH 504  
  Jonathan Hill Earth Space/Phy. Sci. PH 502  
  Anthony Johnson Phy. Sci/Field Bio/Ocean PH 604  
  Lynda Sanders 8th Sci./Earth Space PH 400  
  Chelsey Seedborg Anatomy/Biology PH 602  
  John Sutfin Chemistry/8th Sci. PH 405  
Social Studies Debbie Brown US History M 250  
  Bruce Bryant Economics/World MH 241  
  Josh Line World Hist & Gov. M 253  
  Chad Scriven Economics M 248  
  Lena Moro 8th Gr. Social Studies PH 413  
Special Ed. Kayla Crook Grade 9-12 M 214  
  James Johnson MLC M 211  
  Doug Landrum Grade 9-12 M 226  
  Mike Seedborg Grade 8 PH 509  
  Jana Tomac Speech Pathologist M 220  
Counselors Jessica Sprague 12th Grade M 137  
  Wes Ferrin 8th/9th Grades PH 515  
  Laura Osbon 10th/11th Grades M 137  
Nurse Heidi Banks School Nurse Student Services  
Support Staff Lori Croff Secretary/Registrar Principal’s Office  
  Lynn Scott Secretary Main Office  
  Kristi Shaffer Secretary Student services  
  Sherrill Van Vleet Secretary Attendance  
  Sandy Reiber Secretary Athleitcs/PHall  
  Aubrey Bartholomew Bookkeeper Main Office  
  Jennifer Bunnell Leadership/Aspire Student services  
  Brenda Gesberg Testing Coordinator M 144  
  Stacy Gulseth ISS/Attendance M 40  
  Anita McHaney Library Assistant Library  
  Todd Tardie Security Attendance Off.  
  Adriana Villa Educational Asst. PH 509  
  Stacy Szymik Educational Asst. M 213  
  Kathie McMullen Educational Asst.    
  Melanie Simpson Educational Asst. PH 509  
  Crystal Davis Educational Asst.    
  Joanna Cobb Speech Assistant M 220  






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