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Course Catalog 19-20

There will be some new classes offered for the second semester.
Second semester begins January 27th.
Please talk to or email your counselor if you are interested in taking any of the following classes: 


Music in Film

Grades 9-12

Prerequisite:  None

This semester course will look at the roles that music serves in films, television, and commercials. We will watch and analyze various films from a variety of time periods and genres to see how the use has changed through time and how it is used differently depending on the intended audience. Students will watch a variety of films in whole or part that are rated PG or PG13. Some of these films include subject matter and language for a mature audience. This is a general elective course.

NCES 05149


Creative Writing

Grades 8-12

Prerequisite:  None

A one-semester course designed to give students the opportunity to think and write creatively.  This class can be a beginning for students to become a poet, free-lance writer, storyteller, essayist, non-fiction writer, or whatever they choose to be as a writer.  This class is about exploring the different writing genres, including: Poetry, Creative nonfiction, Short Stories, Narrative fiction, Personal narrative, Descriptive writing, Biographical writing, Novel writing, and Script writing.

NCES 01004


Interpretations of Mythology

Grades 9-10

Prerequisite:  None

This class will look at mythology from specific ancient societies each semester in comparison to the modem adaptations of the original myths. The literature will include gods, goddesses, and heroes. By looking at the myths, art, and film surrounding them, students will present information, write comparative and narrative works, and explore different cultures through their myths. This class is open only to underclassmen at this time. This is a general elective course.

NCES 01069


Networking II

Grades 9-12

Prerequisite:  Networking I

This course examines particular topics in computer support, maintenance, and repair. Students will gain in-depth exposure to computer hardware and operating systems. Students will learn to troubleshoot hardware and software problems. This course will prepare students for the PC Pro industry certification. This course counts as a CTE credit.

NCES 10256