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Many seniors and their families have questions about how to proceed with college and career planning, especially in light of the uncertainties we are all facing. Rest assured that colleges are adjusting their expectations and deadlines along with the rest of the world. In addition, a few of you may be considering some new criteria as you work on finding an educational or career pathway that is going to be a good fit for you this coming fall.  Please reach out with your questions and concerns.


Financial Aid Awards

Seniors may have already received financial aid award letters from colleges or found their financial aid awards posted in their student portal on the college website. Sometimes these awards can be confusing to decipher. Remember, loans are considered a part of financial aid and may be included in your financial aid package. 


Colleges are aware that the financial situation of many families may be changing and different than what is reflected in the 2020-21 FAFSA/ORSAA students completed, which was based on 2018 tax information and family assets held when the application was filed. All colleges have a professional judgment process, where they can re-evaluate and adjust a student’s financial aid award based on a family’s current income and assets.


The following articles walk you through what to look for when evaluating your financial aid award(s) and also offers suggestions on how to write a financial aid appeal asking for professional judgement:



More college information:


 Oregon Promise Grant

If seniors applied for the Oregon Promise Grant and met the eligibility requirements (2.50 GPA and listed an Oregon community college on their submitted FAFSA or ORSAA), they should have received an email from OSAC updating them on their Oregon Promise Grant status and directing them to log into their OSAC account to see their Promise award.


For most seniors, the final deadline to apply for Oregon Promise is June 1. Seniors should apply as soon as possible and make sure to also add an Oregon community college to their FAFSA or ORSAA.


The Oregon Promise FAQ Page includes information on how to apply as well as awarding updates. There are updates related to the COVID situation and the spring awarding process. Visit the FAQ page to read about the tentative EFC limit of 34,000 for new applicants and how it may impact you. Regardless of your EFC, OSAC encourages you to complete an application.


The Oregon Promise: How Much Will I Get? video explains how OSAC calculates each student’s Oregon Promise Grant, which currently range from $1,000 to $3,750.


Job Corps Update

Job Corps is still accepting applications. Job Corps is a no-cost Job Training and Education Program, where full-time dormitory and board accommodations are provided! To learn more about programs and eligibility requirements, visit the Job Corps website or contact:



If seniors have not already submitted their FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) or ORSAA (Oregon Student Aid Application) now is the time to get it done! All financial aid revolves around these applications.


Financial aid funds are limited at the federal, state, and institutional level, so applying early means the best chance at receiving funds before they run out. Even if you think you or your family will not qualify for financial aid, it is important that you complete your FAFSA or ORSAA. Some schools will not give students merit aid unless they have ones of these two applications on record. Grants, such as Oregon Promise, also require the FAFSA or ORSAA.


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There are several scholarships listed in your google classroom class of 2020.  You can also do individual searches, but I always encourage students to find more local (state or region) scholarships first as there is a smaller application pool.   
ALL students:  Remember you can log in to Naviance (through the student portal) for your Career and College needs.  There is also a good scholarship search on this site.
**ASPIRE resources for colleges and careers:
* Khan Academy - SAT Prep and homework help!
*College Admission Information: