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8th Grade Student Information (Class of 2025)

Class of 2025! We are so excited to have you on campus next year. We understand that it is a challenging time for all of our students, but it is especially challenging for you as you transition to the high school. Normally, we have several events set up to help introduce you to life at MHS. Since we didn't get to have you come over on the visitation day, we are working hard to make sure there are opportunities for you to familiarize yourself with the campus prior to the first day of school. If you have any questions, please email Ms. Burns and she will be sure to get back to you. Please see below for commonly asked questions as well as the 7th Grade Parent Night presentation. 
Frequently asked questions 
1) Can I leave campus during lunch?
No. Students in 9-12th grade are allowed to leave campus during the lunch time but 8th graders are not. If you get caught off campus during lunch, there will be consequences. Even if you have an older sibling, you cannot leave campus with them during lunch. If your parent/guardian wants to pick you up and take you to lunch, you must check out in the Attendance Office first.
2) Do I have to share a locker?
You do not have to share a locker. 8th grade students will be assigned a locker on either the top floor or bottom floor of Pirate Hall. They are not full-size lockers.
3) What's the rule on cell phones?
You may carry your cell phone with you throughout the day and check it during lunch and passing periods. You can also have it out in class IF your teacher allows you to. Every teacher will have their own cell phone policy but in 8th grade, it is unlikely you will be allowed to use your phone in class very often.
4) Can I bring my backpack to class?
This is up to your teacher. Some will allow you to bring your bag to class and others won't. Often this depends on the size of the classroom. Your teacher will let you know their classroom expectations during the first week of school.
5) Do I have to take PE?
Yes. PE is a required course. You will have a locker assigned to you in the men's or women's locker room to store your PE uniform.
The virtual campus tour will be posted here soon....