Course Schedules 19-20

Schedule Change Policy

Effective 11/18/2019

Schedule change request forms for second semester (Jan. 27th- June 12th, 2020) will be made available after winter break on January 6th in the Student Services office. Second semester schedules will be complete by Dec. 20th. Second semester schedule changes will be allowed until the end of the school day on January 31st without courses being recorded on your transcript. If students drop a course within the first three weeks of the semester (after the no-penalty schedule change period), they will receive a “W” (Withdrawal) on their transcript. After three weeks, students who drop a course will have their current letter grade and adjusted course credit value recorded on their transcript. This will be effective for any schedule changes after February 14th at 3:30pm.


Only seniors are allowed to have free periods. Seniors are required to have at least five scheduled courses. Any student that is participating in an OSAA-sanctioned activity (athletics, Speech and Debate, band, choir, etc.) are required to take at least six (6) courses.