Student Services News and Announcements

1. THE PURPOSE of the speech contest is to help youth, Rotarians and the
community-at-large to more completely understand, encourage, and foster the
principles of ethical behavior, Rotary and the objects of “Service Above Self.”
 ELIGIBILITY is open to all high school age students , grades 9 - 12.

All students should be able to see their second semester schedules in StudentVUE. If there is an issue/problem/mistake on your schedule, please schedule an appointment with your counselor or send a brief email explaining the issue

If you would like to request a schedule change there are schedule change request forms in Student Services that you can complete and turn into your counselor's basket. Students need to get teacher signatures for each class period that is affected by the schedule change request as well as a parent/guardian signature. 

Students will be receiving a printed copy of their second semester schedule in PAT (PAT will be first thing in the morning) on Monday, January 27th. 
New Schedule Change Policy
Effective 11/18/2019
Schedule changes for second semester will be allowed until the end of the school day on January 31st without courses being recorded on a student's transcript. If students drop or switch to a different course within the first three weeks of the semester (after the no-penalty schedule change period), they will receive a “W” (Withdrawal) on their transcript. "W"  grades do not have an effect on GPA but signal that a student was enrolled in a class and chose to drop it. After the first three weeks of the semester, any student who drops a course will have their current letter grade and adjusted course credit value recorded on their transcript. This will be effective for any schedule changes after February 14th at 3:30pm.

Due to this policy change, counselors are urging students to complete and submit their schedule change request forms prior to the first day of second semester.