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Junior Information - Class of 2023

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  • Sign up for and prepare for the PSAT: Ask your counselor about enrolling in Edgenuity's PSAT test prep courses and begin prepping for the PSAT (offered on MHS campus on October 13, 2021)
  • Begin Your College Search: Utilize Naviance (through Clever in the Student Portal) to research colleges and careers that may interest you. Make a list or your abilities, preferences and personal qualities. List things you may want to study in college. 
  • Start Thinking About Financial Aid Talk to your counselor and/or College and Career Specialist about college plans and discuss options. You may want to use the FAFSA4caster to help estimate financial aid eligibility and financial aid costs.



  • Plan your testing schedule! Depending on the schools you are applying to, you may need to take the SAT or the ACT in the Spring although more and more colleges will admit students without test scores.  It is best to take the SAT regardless as it ensure you don't eliminate any options your senior year. Find out which test you need to take by going to the admissions page of your intended college’s website. Plan your testing schedule for the following year carefully so you will be prepared and you will have taken the test and received the results before you apply for college admission. If you are interested in the military, consider taking the ASVAB when it is offered on campus. You can look at test dates and sign up for the tests by clicking on the following links: SAT or ACT



  • Get Ready For the SAT: Review your PSAT scores and reach out to your counselor about enrolling in the Edgenuity  SAT prep courses available. You can take a free full length test and get a score and skills report by going to the Official SAT Test Preparation Center. You can also sign up for daily questions through this site.
  • Make a list of college that you are interested in or want to visit. You can find the Oregon school by clicking on the Colleges tab on the College and Career Center website.
  • Plan Ahead for Your Senior Year: Begin looking at when college applications are due and plan your summer activities by looking at volunteer opportunities in the area. If you need assistance you can visit the MHS College and Career Center page or request a meeting with your counselor.


  • Begin to visit colleges that you are serious about attending and schedule interviews with admissions counselors. Here are some things that you may wish to do will on your campus visit; take a tour, sit in on a class that interests you, read the student newspaper, stay in the dorm, talk to coaches if you wish to play sports, eat in the cafeteria, talk with students about what they like/dislike and what they do on the weekends, browse the bookstore and drive around the area surrounding the campus.
  • Request applications from college for which you intend to apply. Check application dates.