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Yearbook Order

Yearbook Purchase
Main Book: $60.00Spring Book: $25.00
The Marshfield High School Annual (the Mahiscan for short) will be releasing both a main yearbook (full 8.5x11 inch size) and a spring book (mini 8x8 inch size) this year. The main book will be delivered before the end of this school year (as long as shipping is on time). The spring book will be delivered next fall. 
To purchase a yearbook, please click the “MySchoolBucks” link below and follow their instructions to purchase your book. For questions, please call 541-267-1405.
Coos Bay Public Schools has recently partnered with MySchoolBucks for receiving payments. Once you've created an account, it's recommended that you have your students' ID number handy. This is a six digit number that students often refer to as their lunch number. From your account, you can search and find your student(s) regardless of which Coos Bay School they're attending. You only need to search for your students once. Afterward, your student(s) are permanently attached to your account. This is a handy way of paying all kinds of fees including yearbook purchases, athletic gold card fees, lunch charges and so on.
Senior Photos AND Quotes: Due January 26, 2024
Senior Photo Requirements:
Email senior photos to Ms. Howe at [email protected]. All photos must be in JPEG format. Portrait
style (vertical). No weapons or hunting game. Pets ok. Adequate clothing coverage is required. If a photo
is deemed inappropriate, you will be asked to provide an alternative or the school photo will be used. If
a photo is not supplied, the school photo will be used or a Pirate logo will take your place.

Senior Quotes Requirements:
Quotes will be submitted via a Google Form on the senior Google Classroom. Quotes are first come first
serve, so if there is a repeat quote, we will use the first person's submission and use the backup of the
later submission. Quotes need to be school appropriate- no reference to violence, weapons, sex,
discrimination, or other offensive subjects. The yearbook staff has the right to deem your quote
unusable and use your backup instead. If both quotes are unusable, the staff will contact you

Parent Senior Messages: Due February 16, 2024
Send a special message to your graduate in the Mahiscan! If you would like to include a message in the
yearbook, send the message to Ms. Howe via email [email protected] or drop it at the
main office at MHS.

Options are as follows:
1/8 Page Space (approx. 40 words, 1 photo)- $50
1/4 Page Space (approx. 100 words, up to 2 photos)- $80
½ Page Space- ONLY 4 AVAILABLE (approx. 150 words, up to 3 photos)- $120
Payments may be made in cash, check, or debit to the yearbook account by calling the front office or
dropping off a payment. Message and payment are due February 3, 2022. Space is limited and is first
come first served.
Pre-Order Yearbooks By March 1st
If you would like to ensure that your student receives a yearbook this June, make sure you pre-order. You can place orders via MySchoolBucks or pay in person at the front office. If you pre-order, you are guaranteed a yearbook. If you do not, the school only orders a limited amount of extras which are first come, first serve. Parents of seniors, senior photos and quotes for the yearbook are due on Friday, January 26. Photos can be emailed to Ms. Howe, the yearbook teacher, in jpg format, and seniors need to submit their quote on the Google Form posted on their senior Google Classroom. If parents would like to purchase space to write their senior a special message, the message and photos are due Friday, February 16. For the options available, please see the yearbook order section of the Marshfield website under Academics and Student Life.