Senior Information - Class of 2020




Grad info that is being mailed out to parents is linked to the bottom of this page.  (the graduation group is a tentative as we are making changes throughout the week, if a student's time is changed they will be contacted directly)


THE MHS Local Scholarship awards presentation will be on line June 3rd at 7pm.  Recipients received an invitation in the mail and information was posted in the google classroom for scholarship recipients.  


SENIOR CLASS OF 2020 Graduation Instructions

  1. Thursday June 4th – MHS CLASS of 2020 Self-Guided Parade.  Decorate your car and show up to drive through town on the graduation route.  Prizes will be given to the 5 best decorated cars.  Grad all night party committee will be there to give out their prize to the grads.  You must attend Thursday to receive.  Meet at the Cascade Parking Lot by 5:45pm.  MHS Staff will be present and will lead the parade departing at 6pm.  You must stay in your car and obey all traffic laws.
  2. Saturday June 6th – MHS Class of 2020 Graduation.  In order to participate you must 1) Have a driver 2) graduate sits in front passenger seat 3) 1 person (not driver) is allowed out of car to take photos but must wear mask. 4) a purple bandana will be provided for each MHS grad to wear. (you may wear your own if you choose) 5) ONE CAR PER HOUSEHOLD
  3. We will post a practice video for grads to view this Friday so they know what to expect when they arrive on campus Saturday.

To view an example of the process for graduation on Saturday, 6/5/2020 for seniors and their families, click here. 


#Bethelight is happening for the last time this Friday night!  8:20pm   
(SEE Counselor Letter at the bottom of this page)  Counselors and case managers should have contacted you by now about your graduation status.  Please contact your counselor/case manager if you have any questions regarding graduation status, your classes, or mental health needs.  Regardless if you have continued classes or not, you are expected to remain in contact with your PAT teacher so please reach out if you need anything.  Stay home and stay safe.
1)  Portfolios - Not required anymore.
2) SWOCC classes - check your socc email.  Classes begin 4/6  If you are taking dual credit (from a MHS teacher) those classes begin on 4/13.  You will not see dual credit classes on your lakerlink just yet - SOCC and the counselors are working on that.
3)  Graduation orders - Minors graduation supply company will be delivering orders in mid-April and caps and gowns in May. We will contact you for pick up information when we get ready to disperse. (your announcements have already been printed and have the original grad date on them)
4)  Prom - at this point the May 2nd prom has been cancelled.  If we are able to rebook or set something else up at a later date we will let you all know. 
5)  MHS Scholarships - the committee is currently working on making decisions.  Winners will be announced in some sort of ceremony at the end of May.  This is a work in progress and we will let the recipients know what the plan is hopefully by the end of the first week of May.
6) OSAC Scholarships - various committees are meeting virtually and announcements will come in May-August.  CHECK YOUR EMAILS!!
7) how do I request my transcript?  Email Mrs. Croff: and she will take care of you:)
8) I ordered a sweatshirt from the senior all night party group, when will I receive it?   There were only a few left to pick up and they will be available at book drop off on 4/30.
9) Will there still be Boy and Girl of the Month -  Yes there will be!  More info to follow...
10) Will we still receive cords we have earned?  Yes.  Your teacher/advisor will reach out to you to make arrangements.  We are planning on handing those out when we hand out your caps and gowns.  Honor diploma students will also be receiving their yellow stole.  
11) Will there by a yearbook this year?  YES there will be, but it will be distributed next fall.  Yearbook is working hard to wrap up the year and include the activities that were going when school shut down.
12) Copies of transcripts and diplomas will be available mid-June for those that need them for school, military, or apprenticeship.  
13) Student fees, how do I pay?  You can pay online at:
      However, keep checking back because final bills will not be entered until right before graduation because of books, sports gear turn in, calculators, class fees, etc could be added on.  We will send out a list of kids that owe as we get closer to graduation.  If you cannot pay online there will be times set up to pay by cash or check.
keep the questions coming. we will add them here:)

  Valedictorian (in bold)

            * Salutatorian

            + Honors diploma recipients


            Medallions on purple and gold ribbon indicate Valedictorians and Salutatorians


            Gold stoles indicate Honors Diploma Recipient


            Gold cords indicate NHS Membership


            Purple and Gold cords indicate ASB Membership


            Silver and White cords indicate MHS Charity Program Participation


            Blue and Gold braided cords indicate Quill & Scroll Membership


            Burgundy and Silver braided cords indicate National Speech & Debate Honor Society Membership


            Royal Blue and White braided cords indicate Rho Kappa Membership


            Light Blue and Gold cords indicate AP Calculus


            Burgundy and Gold cords indicate Z Club Participation


            Green, Gold and Purple cords indicate SNHS Membership


            Pink cords indicate 4 year Choir Participation


            Purple and Pink braided cords indicate Radio Management


            Green and White cords indicate Yearbook Participation


            Red and Yellow cords indicate 4 Year Spanish students


            Blue cords indicate Key Club Participation


Orange and White cords indicate PC Pro Certified


Red and White cords indicate SkillsUSA State Placer


Black and Silver cords indicate Manufacturing Technologies Completer


Purple and White cords indicate National Technical Honors Society (NTHS) Membership


Red and Blue cords indicate completion of the Basic Allied Health Care certificate


Check your CBK12 email daily!

If you are college bound check your email you provided to your schools - they will be sending out important information regarding deposits, housing, and signing up for your classes next year.
Sign up for the REMIND program - we will send out updates