Senior Information - Class of 2020

We understand this is a difficult time for our seniors.  Be assured that the MHS Staff is working hard to provide senior celebrations, however these will look different than they have in the past.  Be patient, we are waiting on answers from the state before we move forward with any definitive plans. Hang in there - we will all get through this together.  We care about each and every one of you. 
Here are some common questions that have come up so far:
1)  Portfolios - We are still waiting to hear from the state if graduation requirements are changing.
2) SWOCC classes - check your socc email.  Classes begin 4/6  If you are taking dual credit (from a MHS teacher) those classes begin on 4/13
3)  Graduation orders - Minors graduation supply company will be delivering orders in mid-April and caps and gowns in May. We will contact you for pick up information when we get ready to disperse. (your announcements have already been printed and have the original grad date on them)
4)  Prom - at this point the May 2nd prom has been cancelled.  If we are able to rebook or set something else up at a later date we will let you all know.
5)  MHS Scholarships - the committee is currently working on making decisions.  Winners will be announced in some sort of ceremony at the end of May.  This is a work in progress and we will let the recipients know what the plan is hopefully by the end of the first week of May.
6) OSAC Scholarships - various committees are meeting virtually and announcements will come in May-August.  CHECK YOUR EMAILS!!
7) how do I request my transcript?  Email Mrs. Croff: and she will take care of you:)
8) I ordered a sweatshirt from the senior all night party group, when will I receive it?  Right now the all night party group is planning on having the sweatshirts picked up when they do their flower basket fundraiser.  I will post a date and time as soon as I receive it.
keep the questions coming. we will add them here:)
Check your CBK12 email daily!
If you are college bound check your email you provided to your schools - they will be sending out important information regarding deposits, housing, and signing up for your classes next year.
Sign up for the REMIND program - we will send out updates