Senior Information - Class of 2021

Posted 1/20/2021
If you are college or voc/tech bound make sure you apply for the MHS Local Scholarship Application!
MHS Local Scholarship Application Google Classroom code is listed in the College Bound Seniors 2021 classroom.
Information about the MHS Scholarship program:
Senior Students/Families,
By now you should have ordered grad supplies for the Class of 2021 Graduation. Due to the pandemic, the process to order will be primarily done remotely. Orders need to be placed through Miners Graduate Services. Click on the link below for the instructions and information for placing your graduation order. Orders need to be placed by Friday, January 29th 2021. Orders placed after this date will be subject to late fees and product restrictions. 
If you have questions please contact Miners directly at:  541 689-4588.
General information will be posted in Google Classroom:
MHS Class of 2021    Code:  c3myr67
Depending on your path after graduation more specific information will be posted in the following classrooms: 
College Bound Seniors 2021                                   Code: oixyq2z
College bound seniors should be currently working on:  FAFSA, College Admission Applications, and searching for scholarships
OSAC info and webinars
Senior Military Bound  2021                                    Code: alvwstk
Military bound seniors should be contacting recruiters and making sure they have or are scheduled to take the ASVAB
Senior Work Force Students 2021                         Code: 2zriibl
Work force seniors should be working on their resumes and contacting SCBEC for help

To request an Official Transcript please complete this Google form and submit. 

Parents:  did you know you can put the google app on your phone/computer and have your kids sign into their account (keep it logged in) and then you can see exactly what they see?  Great way to stay on top of all the information being given to your senior.  Or your student can invite you to the classroom and you will receive a summary.  

Parent Advice:
The Coos Bay Student Loan Fund was set up to provide student loans to MHS Grads.
Here is their website and contact information: