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What's new in the MHS Library

Students: Have you missed the library? Do you want a book to read? We now have the Marshfield Library online so you can look for a book, put a hold on it and pick it up at school. If you prefer e-books, we are working on adding them to our library for you. We have also purchased JLG Digital, a streaming platform with e-books and audiobooks for you to read on your own device. You can watch the videos (links below) for more information on how to access physical copies of library books or digital e-books. You can also look at the most frequently asked questions for both the MHS Library via Destiny Discover or the JLG Digital platform.

Destiny Discover

Destiny Logo
Video tutorial:

What is it? Destiny Discover is the Marshfield High School Library in an online format.

How do I log in? In the student portal, scroll down the page until you see the icon “Destiny Discover Library Catalog” and click on it. On the next screen, click on “login” in the upper right-hand corner. Choose logging in via Google on the left side of the next screen. If you have already logged in to your device this is all you will need to do. If you have not yet logged in to Google, you’ll do so here with your school cbk12 log in information.
How do I find a book? You can look at some of the new books suggested, the popular titles, search by the categories, or if you know the name of the book or author you want to read, simply type it in search bar at the top of the screen and you’ll find what we have available. How do I place a hold on a book in the MHS Library? Once you have selected a book you’re interested in, you’ll see a “hold” button on the screen. If you click on this, it will alert the library staff that you want to check out that book.

How do I pick up the books I have requested? Once the library staff has seen your hold request and has checked out the book(s) to you, they will send you an email letting you know that your book(s) is ready to be picked up.

When can you pick up library books? Books are available for pick up from 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Mondays-Thursdays and 8 a.m.- 2 p.m. on Fridays each week. Upon arriving on campus, please call the number on the door or 541-267-1418 and let the person who answers know you are there to pick up your book(s) and someone will bring it/them out to you. You may also enter the school and report directly to the attendance office to pick up books. You can reach out to the library staff if any other arrangements need to be made.

How many books can I check out and how long can I keep them? You may check out up to three books and keep them for up to four weeks.

How do I return my books? Please try to return books in the same manner that you checked them out (above). If it is after hours, books may be dropped in the mail slot to the left of the main doors of the Main Building at MHS.

JLG Digital

JLG Logo
What is it? JLG Digital is an eBook service that any student at Marshfield High School can access. It has a variety of high school age fiction and nonfiction books with something new each month. There are eBooks and audiobooks that can be streamed or downloaded (via ios Apple Store App). All the materials that are provided through this service are multiple users, which just means that many people can check them out at the same time.
How do I access JLG Digital? On the Marshfield student portal page, scroll down until you see the icon for JLG Digital and click on it.

How do I log in to JLG Digital? Click on the orange “Sign In” button on the upper right side of the home page.

What is my username and password for JLG Digital? Your username is your 6-digit ID number. Your password is your birthdate in 8 digits. For example, if your birthday is January 1, 2004, then your password would be 01012004.

How do I select an eBook or audiobook to read/listen to? Once logged in, you’ll see the stream or
“bookshelf” of available books. Since all the books are “multiple user,” you can select any book regardless of how many other students are currently reading that book.

How long can I have access to the book? You can have access to the book as long as it is available on the stream so you will want to pay attention to this when selecting books.

Who do I contact if I need help or have questions?
Mrs. Hampton at [email protected] or 541-267-1432
Mrs. Jackson at [email protected] or 541-267-1431