Counseling and Student Services

Welcome to the Marshfield Student Services Department website. The counseling staff at Marshfield High School can assist you and your student in many different ways. We help connect families to resources within the community, assist with high school course planning, help with the college application process and financial aid, and we also help students with social/emotional stresses that everyone experiences in high school.
Students will begin forecasting for their courses for the 2022-2023 school year during the weeks of March 7th-18th! There is a course forecasting website that has been created to help students choose their courses for next school year. 
Course forecasting for the 2022-2023 school year will be occurring in March! However, there are some courses that require an application or audition. These courses include AVID, Journalism, Yearbook, and some choir and band courses. The applications are listed below. The deadline for all applications below is Friday, March 11th by 3:30pm.

Counselor Assignments for 2021-2022

Last Names A – G:      Jessica Nickerson
Click Here to Schedule an Appointment with Mrs. Nickerson
Last Names H – O:      Jessica Sprague
Click Here to Schedule an Appointment with Mrs. Sprague
Last Names P– Z:       Chelsea Burns
Click Here to Schedule an Appointment with Ms. Burns

If  your student has an IEP and you need to speak with their IEP case manager regarding academic concerns, please email Missy Cooper at [email protected]

Please click here if you need to contact our Graduation Coach, Missy Cooper.

For College, FAFSA, Graduation orders, and Scholarship FAQ go to the the Senior Information Page. This will be updated as we receive more information. For more specific questions you can email Jennifer Bunnell.

Have you lost or misplaced your high school diploma?  We are now able to have those reprinted for you through our current graduation supply company, Miners Graduation Services.  Please use the link provided to start your request for a replacement diploma.

Miners Graduation Services will be verifying with Marshfield High School office, when and if you graduated, what diploma type you earned and if you owed fees and did not actually receive it (at which point they will not be able to provide you with one).  If you have any questions regarding this process you may contact our registrar, Stacie Culver, at 541/267-1400.


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