Principal's Message

Principal Eli Ashton
Dear Marshfield Families and Community,

We have come to the end of the first quarter of school in the 2022-2023 school year.  The weather is changing and the cold and wet Fall is definitely upon us.  The first two months have brought a lot of excitement and energy to the school.  We have seen a lot of success with the outstanding performances of our state champion girls' volleyball team and two-time state champion cross country runner Alex Garcia-Silver and the rest of the boys' team.  Also, both soccer teams, with the girls winning the first ever playoff game in school history, and the boys making it to the play-in round, had a lot of success this year as well.  The defending state championship football team fell short in a repeat bid in Scappoose, but had an outstanding season.  The choir had their first performance last week and we saw some outstanding performances from New Horizons and concert choir, especially Kylee Malaguti and Lucero Santana.  The drama club put on a Haunted House that saw over 200 hundred people get scared and the track team and Z-Club had a great turnout for the Zombie Run.  The speech and debate team began their journey as the defending state champions by hosting the fist tournament of the year.  We saw outstanding performances from seniors Junior Barrera and CeCe Visser.

The month of November begins the shift to the Winter athletic and activities events as well as the beginning of the holiday season.  We will have our conference night on November 15 from 4:30-8:00 in the main gym.  Progress reports will be provided at conference night, however, if you are unable to make it, they will be mailed home.  The month seems very short with several days off for the holidays, but there is a lot going on, so pay close attention to announcements and our events calendar.  
November is also college month and a time for many of our seniors to begin looking at post high school options.  Colleges are beginning to accept applications, as well as several scholarships, especially our Coos Bay Schools Scholarships.  Staff in student services are eager and willing to help any seniors needing extra assistance on any of these applications or completing the FAFSA.  For our underclassmen, they will be getting college exposure through the Naviance curriculum in their PAT classes.  We will also be taking our AVID students as well as any interested seniors to SWOCC this month for a quick visit and tour of the college.  We know not all students are planning to go to college, but we want to make sure they have been exposed to this option and answer any questions they might have.
Finally, I know this time of year brings a lot of joy and happiness for many of our families.  For some families, it can be very stressful and challenging.  Please know we have access to a variety of services to support families in need.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to provide support to make this time of year as enjoyable as possible for our families and students.
Eli Ashton